Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Along with changing the blog's name, I've also changed my focus. From now on I'm primarily interested in the history and genealogy of the Droddys, Ashworths, Perkins, Bunch, Bass, Johnson and Dial. There are plenty of other researchers out there equipped to do a better job worrying about the interconnectedness of the other families than am I. Good luck to them.

Part of my reason for changing focus is my evolving understanding of what or who is a Redbone. I'm glad we had the conversation, but I suspect we're all walking away with different conclusions. I tend to believe with my cousins that (1) the word is a racial slur, and (2) it's about the experience. If you grew up outside of the community, then you're not, but (3) you can call yourself anything you want; you just don't have the right to decide for anyone else.

Me? I'm going to be talking about my mother's people.

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