Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Drums along the Bayou

Tuesday, August 29, the list "owner," Bill Farris, banned LV Hayes from the Redbone Yahoo Discussion Group. Last week, LV got into a contentious exchange with two other members of the group and exchanged strong words. At least two or three people quit the list ostensibly because of the bickering. Then things settled down. That is, until Bill cut LV off from the group without notice or explanation to LV. In response to that, I sent a version of this email to half a dozen or so members of the discussion group.

I'm very disappointed that Bill Farris took it upon himself to censor one of the best sources of information to come along and grace the Redbone Yahoo Discussion List since its inception. I would implore any of you who have any influence with him to disabuse him of the notion that the choice is his alone to make. Unless immediately rescinded, I will organize another discussion group under the title of Bearhead Creek Redbones that will differ from the established group inasmuch as it will not censor the preiminent living authority of our descended from families from the discussion just because he's rude. Let anyone offended step forward and demand apology. Censoring someone just because they're rude is unacceptable to me. Refute his information. Don't censor my right to hear him rant about it.

By the way, I'm still waiting for Stacy's explanation as to why she made that Gilbert quote so [explicative deleted] prominent in her trial run press release, knowing it was wrong and disproved. I'm also still waiting for Catherine Davidson's apology for misnaming me in her little huff last week. Spreading incorrect information under the banner of the RHF or the Redbone Discussion Group is far more offensive to me than calling someone names.

I am not making excuses for LV's behavior or his language. There's nothing to excuse. He got into a very contentious debate last week with two people of the discussion group. Each of them ably refuted his sarcasm as well as his allegations with points of their own. Neither has asked for his banishment, so why would Bill take it upon himself to end the debate thusly? I won't have LV held to a different standard, just because he calls a fool a fool. His calling someone a fool doesn't make them a fool. They have to do that by themselves.