Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Beginning of a Dynasty?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another Voice Added to the Choir

LV Hayes, a respected elder of the Bearhead Creek Redbones has published his response to the blog posting by Jim Serra which he called "Mystery in our Midst." You will remember Mr. Serra once asked me to write a story about southwest Louisiana's Redbones, and when I didn't do it quickly enough for him, he did it himself. That was bad enough, but he relied on flaky sources, i.e., Marler's dimestore, self-published book and the raving maniacs at the Redbone Heritage Foundation (RHF) (which,by the way, is NOT Redbone, they have no Heritage, and with twenty members and no money, they're not much of a foundation). We all waded into that mud slinging free for all forcing Serra to close the discussion. That was fine with me. The white trash went back to their hovels leaving us Redbones alone.

LV was invited by Serra to give his point of view to the discussion. When LV wrote it, Serra refused to run it, saying it was too disparaging of the RHF. At my suggestion and urging, LV has decided to publish it himself on the Internet. He chose a blog format which keeps him as the editor of his own work, yet allows for conversation in the way of Comments.

Louisiana Redbones is LV's response to lies, damn lies, and unfounded myth. To those people who keep saying that Louisiana's Redbones are mysterious, I suggest you read LV's post entitled "If You Don't Tell Your Own Story." Maybe you don't know much about us, but we know who we are.