Thursday, January 08, 2004

A Letter from Bearhead

My second cousin, Terry Jackson, who lives in DeQuincy, Louisiana (very near Bearhead) has become a loyal correspondent, often writing to me after visiting with his grandmother, Estelle Yarborough, the daughter of Lone Perkins and R.E. (Buster) Ashworth. I've been fretting over how best to present the stories, and it came to me that all I had to do was to just post them as they come from Terry. I got this one last week. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If anyone reading this wants to contribute a story or two, just send it to me and I'll post it here.

Howdy Cuz,
Not doing anything tonight or going anywhere. Just sitting here recalling stories passed on to me down through the years. I just thought of another one that I think you would like.

Granny Estelle told me that Maw [Lone Ashworth] once traded a bale of cotton for a radio. Up till then, they walked for miles to listen to the Grand Old Oprea on Saturdays nights.
Years later when their kids had grown up and had kids of their own, Maw and Paw (Buster Ashworth) decided the would all go to NASHVILLE to see the GRAND OLD OPREA. Well Maw and Paw Buster and Granny and my father and three more loaded up and drove all the way to Nashville to see the GRAND OLD OPREA. When they got there they got a motel room. They all cleaned up and got something to eat and then went to the OPREA. After the show they were headed back to the motel, when they all agreed that in such a big town that there were many more people needing that motel room worst than they did. So they did not even stop at the motel. They drove straight back to BEARHEAD.

Hey, I'm out of here, TERRY

And that's a true story. - Ray

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